Competitor Analysis

See how you stack up against the competition

As a business, you have something important to offer, and your potential customers really want to hear your message. Online marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can reach them, but the internet is an enormous, crowded place. Consumers are bombarded with advertising at every turn, and the resulting noise can be deafening.
The challenge is to find your customers and let them find you in a mobbed marketplace. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your business needs an online marketing agency that can create a smart and effective strategy, custom tailored to your needs and goals. With years of experience and expertise behind us, milkmen are the masters of digital marketing. We can guide your business through all of the digital marketing channels you need to above the din and make your voice heard


You know it’s important, but you’re overwhelmed. Search engine optimization is viewed by many as an incomprehensible, neverending, and impossibly difficult task. It doesn’t have to be that way. Getting SEO right can be a full-time job. (We know, because it’s our full-time job.) The rules are constantly changing, but milkmen can help you stay several steps ahead. We take all the mystery out of showing up in search, with proven, ethical strategies for putting your business out in front.

Paid Advertising

Done well, paid search and display advertising can be a powerful tool for reaching a carefully targeted, high-value audience. Done badly, it can easily become a pointless drain on your resources. At milkmen, we understand what it takes to craft stunningly effective, economical campaigns through native advertising, Google Adwords, and retargeting strategies. We’ll assist you in defining and finding your ideal clients while also making it easy for them to come to you.

Social Media

Go where your people are. Social media is so much more than marketing. It’s a way to genuinely encounter your audience in their own space, while fostering real, organic brand recognition and loyalty along the way. This is the new word-of-mouth, and it’s more powerful and valuable than ever. Our social media experts can help you discover which channels make sense for your business, find an authentic brand voice, and employ strategies that result in meaningful engagement and real results.


Eyeballs are not enough. You can spend a lot of time attracting an audience, but if they aren’t buying, what have you achieved? Once you’ve caught a prospect’s attention, you need to help them over the line and turn them into paying customers. Conversion rate optimization is both an art and a science. It’s where the magic really happens, and milkmen will help you to identify and take action on the factors that affect your bottom line.

Email Marketing

People are developing new digital marketing tactics every day, but surveys consistently find that good old email remains the most effective tool of them all. A thoughtful email marketing campaign can achieve incredible levels of interaction and conversion, but a haphazard approach may mean you’ll never make it out of the spam folder. With milkmen, you can create email strategies which bring huge value to both your customers and your business: the ultimate marketing win.