Developing Buyer Personas for Marketing


Data Driven Understanding & Preparation

Who are you marketing to?

There’s been much talk about various marketing channels, but not much talk about understanding who you’re marketing to. This is the most crucial step that can help any marketing campaign (digital or traditional” hit the mark.

Who are you creating content for?

How can you create effective content without first gaining a deep understanding of that audience? You might as well be writing with your eyes closed.

What’s you conversion rate?

How often is you audience bringing you money? We can guarantee that if your marketing efforts aren’t focusing on the target audience that you are missing out opportunities to improve your conversion rate.

Are your leads qualified or an annoyance?

If your content doesn’t speak directly to the needs of your users you may not get the highest quality leads. Understanding your target audience allows you to prime them better and weed out those that don’t precisely qualify. Tighten your funnel; your sales team will love you.

Are you maximizing your traffic?

Odds are that you’re not and people are flying through your site to never come back. Focusing on them allows you to make your site stickier.


What is market segmentation?

Market segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers, who have common needs and priorities, and then designing and implementing strategies to target them. Market segmentation strategies may be used to identify the target customers, and proved supporting data for positioning to achieve a marketing plan objective.

A segment is a representation of your users or audience based on the combination of two or more factors or data points.

Different user types means different traffic. Segmentation reveals the rate at which different user types visit your site. Different user types yield different conversions. Segmentation reveals how different populations convert.

Data-driven Segmentation

Step One: Get Your Mailing List

Anyone generating leads should have a mailing list. Never underestimate the power of email.

Step Two: Run It Through FullContact

Use FullContact’s API to append data to the mailing list.

Social Media Data

Step One: Use DemographicsPro

Upload your Twitter list for analysis. DemographicsPro generates a 20+ page report on your Twitter list.

Step Two: Upload Your Mailing List to Facebook’s Audience Insights

Don’t have a list? No problem, just use Audience Insights without a mailing list. 1.2 billion people on Facebook make the perfect research panel.


Segment Your Data

Audience Insights lets you segment on demographics & psychographics.

Low Effort vs. High Effort Lead Generation

Natural demand vs. artificial demand. In essence we are looking to determine what works better, a campaign where we throw up a landing page and capture existing demand or where we do in-depth research and create lots of assets.

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