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Experts estimate that less than 2% of web traffic makes a purchase, complete a sign-up, book an appointment, or call. It’s a shame to leave that 98% unexploited, right? Well, this is where retargeting comes in.  Retargeting from Admen can help you by:

  • Precise targeting to avoid situations in which you’re shooting with ads all over the Web, on website potential clients never visit. Instead, you are displaying ads solely to people who have already expressed their interest in your business.
  • Increases your marketing reach via channels AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or ad placements on targeted websites and publishers.
  • Better engagement by reconnecting with visitors in a meaningful way. 
  • Increases conversions Encouraging customers to return to your website and, in some way or another, connect with the brand, helps you nurture leads, hence increasing conversions. 
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Retargeting for Website Abandonment

Did you know that 96% of people will leave a website without making a purchase?

Retargeting helps companies reach website visitors who don’t immediately convert. In other words, retargeting can help your business connect with potential customers after they leave your website and encourage them to return.

It requires using cookies to track user activities on the Internet. You can place small pieces of code on your website, and every time a visitor enters your site, the code will release an anonymous browser cookie. If someone enters their email address on your site and leaves before making a purchase, you can trigger a personalized email with the products they viewed or placed in their cart.

In addition, retargeting can help you get the most out of your advertising budget because it allows you to focus your attention on people who have demonstrated interested in your brand. You can use clear calls to action and promotional offers to encourage them to come back to your website and convert.

Retargeting Management Pricing

Retargeting Pricing
Audience Targeting Strategy and Setup
Personalized Email Design and Creative
Ongoing Monthly Reporting, Campaign Management, and Optimization
One-Time Setup - $2,000
Ongoing Management - $225/month (waived if doing aggressive or market leader PPC management)

Why is retargeting important for local business?

Why is retargeting important for eCommerce?

With retargeting, you can keep your brand in the front of shoppers’ minds. Each time a customer sees one of your ads, they’ll be reminded of the product or service they’re interested in. When they’re ready to make a purchase, they can easily navigate to your store and do so.

Email retargeting allows you to trigger personalized emails when people enter their email addresses on your site but leave before making a purchase, and you can remind them of products they viewed and items in their shopping cart.

This technique allows you to reach potential customers right in their inboxes, and it can help you draw qualified visitors back to your website.

Retargeting helps ecommerce stores recover lost revenue due to shopping cart abandonment. People may visit your ecommerce site, fill their carts with products, and then leave before completing the transaction. Sometimes it’s because they’ve changed their minds, but in many cases, people simply get distracted and navigate to other sites before making a purchase.

If someone fills their shopping cart, they likely have a high purchase intent. Retargeting allows you to remind them of that intent and increase the chances that they return and convert.

When you use retargeting, you can segment your site visitors and create ads tailored to reach each group. For example, if someone looks at men’s shoes on your site, you will probably want to show that person a different advertisement than someone who is shopping for women’s handbags.

Retargeting allows you to reach visitors with personalized product information and recommendations based on their activities on your website.

E-commerce Retargeting for Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you operate an online eCommerce business, you understand the importance of attracting and converting new leads.

But what happens when someone visits your site, adds products to their shopping cart, and leaves before making a purchase? How can you encourage them to come back to your site to complete the transaction?

On this page, we’ll take a look at the importance of retargeting for eCommerce and how eCommerce email retargeting campaigns from Admen can help your business earn more revenue online.

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