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What is Inbound Marketing?

People’s shopping behaviors have evolved as well as the way they consume information online. The methods for getting their attention have changed.

Unlike the familiar outbound or traditional marketing model, buying ads and email lists, interrupting, imposing on consumers and targeting those not interested in what you have to offer; inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content and experiences that pull people towards your company and product.

Why will it work for me?

Inbound involves creating and providing valuable content for your customers, amplifying your content through various online channels and strengthening customer relations. Effective inbound marketing techniques attract consumers to your message by making your business easy to find through internet search, by engaging customers through social media and by offering relevant and interesting content.

By providing content that is focused on your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert into leads over time.

It’s about how to get yourself found online. It’s about developing an online presence that speaks to your audience. It’s about turning strangers into customers.

At Ad Men we focus on combining your overall campaign strategy with your customer’s interests in order to pull more opportunities towards your business. We help develop a deep understanding of who your potential buyers are and ultimately help drive more targeted traffic to your website.

How does it work?

We believe in the quality of the visitor. That’s why we believe in attracting the right kind of visitors that will bring value to your business. We get results by:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Greater search engine visibility

Once you have the visitors on your website, the next step is to turn them into marketing qualified leads. An important part of the process is to gain insight into the buyer’s need for information. You will gain a greater insight into the specific requirements to close the sale and shorten the sales process due to the level of education your leads will have. We get results by:

  • Creating quality content for your target buyer
  • Creating effective calls to action
  • Creating effective landing pages

Creating exceptional content is a must. It results in your customers talking about your brand, leaving positive reviews, and re-sharing your content.

Ad Men will help continue that positive experience with social monitoring and exclusive content to help your business grow.

Native Advertising

Content marketing, in general, is based on an idea that makes the whole internet better: create something of real value, and then share it with the world. In return, your brand gains attention, recognition, trust, and ultimately revenue. It’s a beautiful way to truly engage with your potential customers. By the time, they take a look at your offerings, their confidence in your reputation is high, and they are much more likely to convert.

While it’s tempting to think “if you build it, they will come”, in the real world of online marketing, it’s not that simple. Competition is fierce, time is short, and attention spans are fragmented. When you’ve put your heart into a great piece of content, you need to get behind it and make sure the world takes notice. That’s where native advertising can have the most powerful effect.

A native advertising campaign takes your content and integrates it directly into the editorial content of high profile online publishers and magazines, or right into the social media feeds of your intended audience. Sophisticated targeting tools allow you to show your content to the people who most want to see it, which naturally leads to better outcomes and a higher ROI. Recent studies are showing an impressive level of consumer engagement with native ads over the traditional banner or pop-up models. Consumers look at native ads 52% more often than banner ads. Native content has also proven to be highly shareable, for the kind of organic, word-of-mouth market reach that money usually can’t buy.

Ad Men’s native advertising services can help you organize a brilliant campaign from concept to conversion. It all begins with quality content. You need something that fulfills an audience need, gets people excited, and motivates them to find out more. Our creative team can work with you develop words and visuals worth sharing. Next, we’ll discover your ideal audience and use contextual relevance tools to make sure we’re delivering exactly what they want to see, in the online spaces they already inhabit. Working with industry leaders like Taboola and Outbrain will give you access to premium publishers across the web and get your content out in front of their massive, motivated audiences.

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