Online Marketing Strategy Planning


How to attract, entice, and convert the right audience for the products, services, and company you’re creating

Every business wants to be on the bleeding edge of technology and who wants to feel as if they’re lagging behind. Unfortunately, each business faces time and money constraints. Simply put, few businesses have the time to do it all. Another obstacle we all face is how to prioritize any online marketing activity in a world that constantly demands more? How do we develop a uniform and integrated workflow process with an increasingly complicated ecosystem?

In fact, most of us are looking for a simplified approach, a framework which prioritizes the right activities without pulling people and resources in too many directions.

The purpose of online strategy & planning is to assist marketing managers determine how to start and execute an integrated online marketing strategy. The purpose is to simplify the process and prioritize the right type of activities to help you meet your marketing goals.

Identifying the Right Customers

Who already wants this product/service and is already searching for it? What else is our audience searching for and how do they describe this problem?  Keyword research and data-driven audience development are our preferred starting points. Search queries offer insights to our audience during their discovery process. Once you have real people using your product/service, you can learn more about them. With a community, you can find and recruit folks excited about your product/service. You can survey your audience to identify their clones.

Targeting the Right Audience in the Right Places

SEO and PPC can be excellent starting points for reaching a precisely targeted, high-value audience. The path to conversion can be long and complex. Facebook’s ad creator can give some sense of audience size for many fields and interests. Similarweb can show you were other sites get their traffic as well as the keywords other sites pay for. And the keywords that competing websites pay are most often the terms that convert best.

Attracting the Target Audience to Your Platform

The 5 paths of audience attraction:

  1. The product/service itself.
  2. Networking and viral word of mouth.
  3. Paid advertising.
  4. Influencers, press, and public relations.
  5. Content + search, social, and email.

Converting the Right Customers

Remember those customers that used your product/service and loved it? We must identify the traits that separate customers who’ll use and love our product from those who won’t. Our favorite process: Gaining a deep understanding of what makes buyers buy. And determining what makes some qualified buyers not buy. Maybe three categories:

  1. The Audience that didn’t try the product/service.
    1. What do you think the product does?
    2. What would make you more likely to try it?
    3. What are your biggest objections to trying the product/service?
  2. The Audience tried product/service but didn’t love it.
    1. What made you try it?
    2. What objections did you have and how did you overcome them?
    3. What caused you to stop using the product/service?
    4. What would have made you  stay a customer?
  3. The Audience tried and loved the product/service.
    1. What made you try it?
    2. What objections did you have and how did you overcome them?
    3. What’s been most valuable to you?
    4. If you loved it, can we share your story?

Retain, Delight, & Grow Amplification

Don’t be fooled by our oversimplification;

  1. Identify usage and profile characteristics shared by your most loyal users.
  2. Encourage and message both in the product/service and via external marketing, those traits in the rest of your audience.
  3. Recognize and reward as personally as possible.  Users that exhibit behaviors that trend toward loyalty and amplification.

Which marketing channels & tactics should YOU invest in?

Choosing the RIGHT marketing channels and tactics:

  1. Areas of personal passion and interest.
  2. Areas where you can provide unique value to your audience.
  3. Areas that reach your potential customers and their influencers.

Seek out marketing channels and tactics at the intersection of these three.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE companies make when investing in Marketing?

“Assuming non-paid media channels work like paid media. IF people and dollars equals positive ROI for your company, THEN pour in more dollars and people. Or ELSE; the company will find new channels or tactics.  When in reality, organic channels, like products themselves, need time to experiment, fail, learn, and iterate.” Rand Fishkin

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