Sherwood Dental: Re-designing a website for dental practice

to bring care, integrity, professionalism, and love for the community from doctors with over 45 years of experience in dental practice.

The Client:

Sherwood Dental was founded in 1974 in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, by Dr. Andrew Ference. Over the years, Sherwood Dental has provided superior dental care for several generations of families. Their committed team of professionals works with the same values and treatment philosophies on which the clinic was founded. The practice's mission is to demonstrate its dedication to the community's dental health and overall wellbeing.

Services Provided:

Webdesign & Development Website Maintenance Responsive Website UX Design UI Design
Sherwood dental "Sherwood Dental serves people from all walks of life and abilities." Visit Website


  • Visually unattractive/outdated design
  • Poor UX design
  • Lack of clear path
  • Unresponsive design
  • Missing CTA buttons
  • Branding disconnect
  • Difficult to navigate
  • Poor quality images/graphics
  • SEO challenges
  • Low conversion rate
  • Complicated content/text-heavy
  • High bounce rate
  • Lack of video content
  • Not aligned with marketing strategies
  • Older than competitors


To retain existing customers and attract new ones, the brand needs a redesign.

In order to keep eyes on the page, our team integrated important aspects of the dental practice, starting with popular services, doctor’s experience, patient testimonials, and community involvement. With the addition of keywords, procedure animations, and more calls to action, Sherwood Dental became a more robust site, capable of holding patients’ attention.

Another important improvement involved creating valuable content. Across the board, content has been curated to be relevant to the target market and on-trend with current procedures and treatments.


Sherwood Dentals’ website redesign clearly represents the professionalism and compassion of the brand. By addressing the previous website’s problem areas, the experts at Admen implemented intentional changes aimed at making pertinent office information more accessible and elevating the user’s experience. Sherwood Dental agrees that their skillfully redesigned website puts them ahead of competing dental practices in the area.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning Graphic

Brand Positioning Graphic

Research & Discovery

Understanding Business Goals:

As UX Designers, we aim to create an optimal experience for the user while aligning with the client's goals. The key to the project's success is finding the right balance between the two objectives. To understand the client's specific business goals, we performed stakeholder interviews. As a result, we determined the following as the primary goals for Sherwood Dental:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Generate more leads & referrals
  • Improve patient retention
  • Portray care and experience through the website

Content Audit & Validation

As UX Designers, we aim to create an optimal experience for the user while aligning with the client's goals. The key to the project's success is finding the right balance between the two objectives. To understand the client's specific business goals, we performed stakeholder interviews. As a result, we determined the following as the primary goals for Sherwood Dental:

Sherwood SWAT Analysis Graphic

SWOT Analysis Graphic

Competitive Analysis

After gaining a clear understanding of the current Sherwood website's challenges and the problems we aimed to solve, we performed a competitive analysis. This gave us insight into how competitors have tackled the same issues and whether their solutions were successful.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Findings & Opportunities:

  • Deliver information in a different tone of voice: warm, friendly, and knowledgeable
  • Display more popular services to show experience and knowledge
  • List insurance information and possibly a price sheet on the website
  • Add more images and video content of the staff to build relationships
  • Create more content answering "what we do", "who we are", "how we do it", "what makes us different."
  • Categorize services differently
  • Ensure hours of operation are easily accessible to users
  • Redesign Contact Us form
  • Break text with more images to make it easy to read


"Sherwood Dental is an established dental practice that has served the community for over 45 years but is presently facing fierce competition. The competitors have modern, well-built websites which are pulling some of Sherwood Dental's clients away. To retain existing customers and attract new ones, the brand needs a redesign."

Building Empathy

User Persona

To understand the target audience's mindset, motivations, and behaviors, Admen created a fictional user persona named Michael. This persona was based on information collected through stakeholder interviews, Google Analytics, and Google Reviews. Some key insights from the Google Analytics report are listed below:

Age Group: 25-34 (33%), 35-44 (22%);

Gender: 60% female, 40 % male;

Device Usage: 65% Mobile, 24.4% Desktop, 10.6 Tablet;

57% organic search, 13.1 display, 8.9 paid search;

Top 10 Interests (Affinity Categories): Value Shoppers (3.33%), 30-minute Chefs (3%), Movie Lovers (2.54%), Family Focused (2.47%), TV Lovers (2.42%), Foodies (2.33%), Book Lovers (2.23%), Shopaholics (2.19%), Bargain Hunters (2.19%), Green Living (2.18%)

Sherwood User Persona

User Persona

User Journey

Carefully considering how Sherwood Dental fit into customer's lives was crucial to the user journey. To create a successful website for Sherwood Dental, Admen first needed to identify the different ways the user could achieve their goal as quickly as possible. Inspired by user research and persona creation, we determined the need for three unique user scenarios leading to three different customer journeys:

  1. Emergency dental care
  2. Routine dental visits
  3. Elective services/cosmetic dentistry

In each scenario, we witnessed a different behavior from the same user persona and his family. The maps below expedited the new website planning as it immediately highlighted any current issues and steps the user takes to resolve the problem.

Scenario #1

Jessica has had a severe toothache all day. It's 6 pm when she finally gets off work and begins searching online for an open dentist office.

Customer Journey 1

Customer Journey 1

Scenario #2

Jessica’s daughter, Jane, is 6 years old and has never been to a dentist. After her own great experience with Sherwood Dental, Jessica considers bringing her daughter to the practice for her very first visit.

Customer Journey 2

Customer Journey 2

Scenario #3

Jessica’s husband, John, is considering whitening his teeth. He shares his intentions with Jessica, and they decide to pursue teeth whitening together.

Customer Journey 3

Customer Journey 3

Solution, Goals, and Plan of Actions

The redesign should include:

  • Easy way for customers to contact the practice
  • Video content
  • Financial information accessible
  • Book appointment CTA in a header
  • Easy access to the practice location
  • Branding presence
  • Hours of operation displayed on a landing page
  • Ability to read and lead reviews
  • Explanation of the emergency procedures
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Differentiate Sherwood Dental from its competitors
  • Describe the team's experience
  • Informative blog
  • Community involvement

Developing Stage

Mobile-First Design Strategy.

Considering mobile designs are more challenging to create than desktop, a mobile-first approach allows us to easily adapt responsive mobile designs to larger screens and devices afterward. This mobile-first strategy was a particularly easy decision as Google Analytics revealed that 65% of Sherwood Dental users are on mobile devices. The number will only continue to grow.

Based on design strategy, redesign goals, and customer journeys, Admen created a sitemap that laid out the site content's organization and structure.

Mobile-First Design Strategy.



After deepening our understanding of the site structure and issues we aimed to tackle, our experienced team sketched layouts of various design approaches. Low-fidelity layouts are a useful tool within this phase as they allow our designers to quickly determine which elements work and what should be eliminated. The creation of electronic sketches enabled us to communicate our design ideas with the stakeholders remotely. We were able to quickly receive feedback before moving onto detailed wireframes.

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