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Do you have a project that could use a jumpstart? If you work in healthcare, auto, home service, education, legal, real estate, or at a franchise, and looking to make something digital and interesting, we’d love to help you make that a reality.

Our best and favorite work has been in helping local organizations dust off that online marketing plan, website redesign, brand identity, or search campaign that always seems a little too ambitious. If that sounds a little too familiar, we’d love to chat. And even if you don’t have a particular project in mind right now but want to brainstorm about something we could do together, we’re always game for that.

Here are some types of projects we’d love to do with you:

  • You’re looking to improve your local rankings  Citations are a key factor in local search rankings. Experts agree that citations account for around 25% of all local ranking factors. We take profile consistency, and duplicate entries seriously, and are careful in protecting the quality of your citation profile.
  • You’re looking for a long-term partner to manage your digital channels. We live for this type of relationship. In fact, our most important KPI’s are; average customer lifecycle value and churn rate.
  • Not sure which digital channels are making money to optimize spend. Maybe you’re working with multiple firms, a website guy that you haven’t spoke with since launch, an SEO company for rankings, and yet another for PPC. Or maybe it’s one firm but it feels like you aren’t getting the expected ROI. We have the technical chops to help you create a system to measure each channel from analytics set-up to KPI’s, call tracking, offline tracking.
  • We are in the “Google penalty box” after hiring a less than reputable SEO firm. Been there done that! Regrettably, we’ve been there as a company. We’ve dug ourselves out and help many clients escape Google’s sandbox. We have helped more than 100 companies identify, disavow toxic links to escape penalties. Since our personal “repentance and forgiveness”, we’ve found reallocating resources from manipulation to creative value for visitors to be rewarding and as successful as manipulation.
  • Our website isn’t mobile friendly. We are big fans of responsive designs. From user design to code our sites perform for any device (mobile, tablet, laptop), for any browser, with page loads that are < 2 seconds.
  • Our website pages loads are slooooow. Yeah, that can be very annoying for users and death to conversion rates. Our back-end developers make nerds look like Brad Pitt. We’ll tackle compression issues, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, leverage browser caching, minify java, CSS, and HTML. We purchase state of the art servers and our tech support is in-house allowing us to reduce server response times. We use clean IP address and never stack hundreds or thousands of websites on the same servers and IP addresses.
  • You need a local team. Austin & Salt Lake City – we’ll be at your office tomorrow with coffee & kolaches. Located outside of Utah or Texas – no problem, Ad Men project teams are inherently distributed. It’s not unusual for a project to have team members spread across locations and time zones. All Ad (Wo)Men know how to work well as a distributed team, which makes it all the more natural to work with customers that aren’t geographically close by. That said, we know that the distributed working style isn’t for everyone, so we’d be happy to point you toward some folks that we trust that might be closer to your location.

Also, in the interest of saving us all some time, here are some good reasons to not work with us:

  • You’re shopping around for the lowest price. We don’t compete on price. We don’t subscribe to market rates; heck, we don’t even have rates. We work with every one of our customers to find a price that’s right for both you and us. We’ll only take on work if we’re confident that it’ll make you more money than you’ll spend on us, so we want to make sure that the initial investment is worthwhile.
  • You need something done right away. While we never say never, we reserve “finish it right away” for our current clients, so the chances of being immediately available are pretty slim.
  • Your company has some pretty rigid contractual terms that are difficult to change. We think relationships should be mutually beneficial. If your legal team is infamous for being sharks, that often rubs us the wrong way. We’re pretty flexible about terms, but we’ve also walked away over one clause. That’s not to brag; it’s just to say that we want the terms to be equally accommodating for both of us to feel excited about working together. No need to feel like we’re settling for each other. For an example of the type of relationship environment we strive for, feel free to peruse our boilerplate Service Agreement.
  • You “just need it built.” If you have it all worked out already, we probably can’t add much value for you. We love helping our customers work through problems they can’t solve on their own.

Still with us? Then you’re the perfect person that we’d love to hear from. Drop us a line at and let us know what’s on your mind.

If you’re having trouble starting, here’s the kind of email that gets us all giddy (feel free to copy this as a starting point and modify at your leisure):

Hi Milkmen!

My name is [Lindsay Fünke], and I’m a marketing manager at [Monarch Dental]. I’d love to hire you for a project.

We’ve been tossing around the idea of optimizing [our 16 texas locations] to [improve organic rankings, traffic, and SALES]. When I asked around, my friend [Bob Loblaw] recommended I get in touch with you.

We’d like to launch the campaign by [January 2016] in order to [increse sales by 10% YOY from 2015]; let us know if you think that’s reasonable. We’re looking to partner with a team that [can take this all the way from conception to launch]. You’d be working directly with me and two developers on my team, so we could move pretty quickly. We’d like to keep the price to about [$15k mo, though we could probably go up to $20k if you could make a good case as to why we’d need the extra].

Full disclosure: I’m talking to 2 other agencies about this work: [Blendin Design] and [Sitwell Enterprises].

I’m happy to provide any other detail you need. If you’re interested, let’s set up a time to chat. How does next week look for you?