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“ME TOO” business writing is so awful

It’s no surprise that so many brands struggle to create compelling copy and content for their website. Running a business and the constant technical demands of doing business online often overshadows the need for original and creative copy. Often what ends up on the website is an afterthought at best. Poor copy and messaging is a serious problem. Uninspired writing is responsible for so many missed marketing opportunities. You must tell an engaging story regardless of the product you sell. An indifferent tone, useless jargon, and a disorganized communication style will cost you, customers, every day.

The internet is flooding with competing offers, so how do people decide where to spend their money? We’d like to think that everyone makes a careful choice after thoroughly comparing all of the options: your product is the best and so it should win out every time. Simple, right? But that’s rarely the way it works. Emotion and psychology are intimately involved in our purchasing decisions, and a “gut-check” can have more power than the highest spec or the most striking offer you can dream up.

If you write like everyone else and sound like everyone else, you’re saying, “Our services are like everyone else’s, too.

The way you communicate with your audience really matters. Over the internet, potential clients rely overwhelmingly on words to decide where to place their confidence. Your website. Your emails. Your reviews. Your social media accounts. Everything your company says and does online sends clues about trustworthiness. From the first interaction right up to the moment they either click to “call” or click away, customers are engaged in a relationship with your brand, and they need to feel a real connection before they move forward. That’s the feeling that quality copywriting can create.

Ad Men’s diverse team of skilled copywriters are passionate about language and serious about branding. Our copywriting services can help your company find and maintain a clear, recognizable, relatable brand voice. We are stylistic in our approach to making your voice unique. We invest the time required to understand the authentic and original value of what you offer and tap the best way to share that with your audience. Together, we’ll work to bring out your company’s personality and create a uniform, likable tone for your brand. From quality content generation for your blog to a complete overhaul of every word on your website, we can help your company truly connect with potential clients.