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An intelligent retargeting campaign can focus your marketing efforts and boost your conversions by a hefty percentage. Retargeting, also known as remarketing, shows personalized ads to prospects who have already visited your website but left without converting, on average – 98% of the total traffic. Retargeting allows us to target your campaign with pinpoint precision, to bring back your audience and recover lost opportunities.

Ad Men can help you with research, strategy, and publisher decisions. We’ll design a campaign with persuasive messaging and ideal positioning, and we’ll back it up with strong analytics. We can see which ads are performing best and refine your approach as we go, for the very best return on investment.

A Little More About Retargeting

You invest an enormous amount of time and resources into drawing people to your website, but they often leave again before they commit to anything. Browsing is built into the online shopping experience, and the average consumer visits three online retailers before pulling a trigger and making a purchase. Customers like to plan ahead, weigh options and daydream. It is essential that once prospects are ready to buy, your brand is at the top of their mind.

Retargeting (or re-marketing, as Google calls it) is a powerful paid online advertising strategy which works by displaying ads and offers from your company to people who have already visited or engaged with your website. Our research shows that retargeted customers are up to 70% more likely to purchase than those who have not been exposed to retargeting.

With careful use of cookies and tags, you can create a precisely customized re-marketing campaign which allows you to decide with pinpoint accuracy which customers will see the ad, as well as when and where they’ll see it. For example, you can choose to display an ad only to customers who have viewed your featured product/service, or to those who have abandoned a shopping cart before checkout. You decide when the ad should be displayed, how many times they’ll see it, and whether it will show up in their search results, on Facebook, or scattered across a network of other favourite websites.

The amazing versatility of retargeting is what makes it so effective, but it also means that a high level of detail and expertise goes into planning a compelling strategy. Ad Men’s re-marketing services begin with an exhaustive investigation into just who you should be targeting so that we can identify the best leads (MQL’s) and hottest prospects (SQL’s). We’ll work with you to craft ad copy with a strong hook, and we’ll help you decide which retargeting networks and publishers make sense for your company. Because most re-marketing works on a PPC basis, it’s also a great tool for branding and exposure: you can extend your reach and gather impressions for very little, paying when the customer actually clicks and returns to your site.



Brothers who’ve been close friends for 38 years now. We’ve worked together, played together, and traveled thousands of miles together. Cody started developing online campaigns in 2004. While Shawn spent 15 years in the technology sector of dental. Cody launched Ad Men in 2011, after beating two-year battle with cancer. Shawn left the dental industry to join the firm full time in 2015.

We've tried to build Ad Men to reflect our shared passions and values: attraction to originality, affinity for simple design, appreciation for well-made things, and a belief that companies should try to make their communities a better place.
Cody and Shawn
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