Since our inception in 2004 our team has worked to position businesses nationwide as pillars of their communities. Over the years, our proven marketing methods have attracted thousands of new patients, increased patient retention, driven up web engagement, and established next-level brand longevity.

When you work with Admen, you partner with a team of experts in both the marketing and dental fields. This unique and synergistic approach gives our clients an unparalleled edge over their competitors.

At Admen, we understand what your patients want, when they want it, where they’re searching, and how to get your practice in front of them.

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Meet our founders

Cody Baird

Cody Baird

In the span of his 20-year career in software development and marketing for e-commerce and healthcare, Cody has created thousands of digital campaigns and generated over half a billion dollars in sales for his clients. Serving both independent businesses and Fortune 500 companies, his proven marketing methods have earned his clients over 100,000 reviews and just as many new customers.

Cody founded AdMen in 2004, and since then has created not only long-term client relationships, but curated a committed team that thrives on transforming his visions into reality.
Shawn Baird

Shawn Baird

The entirety of Shawn’s career has been built on his ability to drive results. Since 2015, Shawn has worked with over 500 dental practices with his digital campaigns resulting in 58,000+ Google reviews with the top 5% garnering 800+ reviews each, and his top clients earning more than $10M in annual revenue.

Outside of his work at AdMen, Shawn serves as a branding and acquisitions advisor for  healthcare distributors, manufacturers, and charities, including Planmeca, SS White, TeamSmile, and Dentistry for a Cause.

Meet our team

Natalia Matkovska

Natalia Matkovska

Lead UX/UI Designer

Natalia is a detail-oriented and creative problem solver with the ability to generate and implement innovative ideas into sophisticated and impactful design. She is fluent in developing, planning, and executing strategies to create intuitive and elegant product experiences for complex projects.

Having spent 5 years working in Shanghai in a variety of industries including marketing, fashion, and information technology, living internationally helped her to gain a deep understanding of different audiences and cultures and used that knowledge in creating powerful and universal designs.

Natalia continues to advance in her user experience career here at Austin, Texas, bringing an interpersonal and human-centered approach to customer service by understanding user’s desires, needs, and problems.

While working as a UX and Visual Designer for Admen, Natalia’s work often spans multiple phases of projects. She loves tackling large, complex projects to create beautiful experiences and bring success to our clients in high-end, dental, and healthcare. She’s always up for challenging work that provides the opportunity to create a positive impact.
Taras Melnychenko

Taras Melnychenko

Development Team Lead

With immeasurable technical and team management experience, he is well-equipped to drive successful completion of any project. Taras is a full-stack developer with a mastery of HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Gulp, Webpack, ReactJS, Angular and Node.js at companies of various sizes and industries. Since joining the ADMEN team, Taras has advanced into the development team lead role.

Taras knows that most —if not all—tech problems can be solved by having the right people (and the right code!) and he glady shares expertise with clients to ensure sustainable growth with scalable technologies.
Nazar Kalinchuk

Nazar Kalinchuk

Senior Front-end Developer

Nazar balances the responsibilities of team management and front-end development, proving time and again that he does not know what the word “impossible” means. With his commitment to solving the most challenging development problems, designers love to work alongside him as he allows them to open up their worlds to limitless creativity.

With years of web development experience, Nazar has played an essential role in building websites and mastered HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Gulp, Webpack, ReactJS, Angular, Node.js, and transitions and animation.
At ADMEN, we appreciate Nazar’s creativity, impeccable attention to detail, and ability to find common ground with anyone.
Yura Hymenetskiy

Yura Hymenetskiy

Senior Front-end Developer

A senior back-end developer responsible for server-side web application logic, web development and programming is Yura’s life-long passion. He selected a programmer career path while being a high school student and his first websites were built and released during his early college years. Yuras prides himself on staying current with the latest innovations and trends in the industry, sharing tech news with his friends and colleagues, encouraging discussions around these topics. At AdMen, Yura has proven himself a hardworking and dedicated developer, holding himself—and his team— to impeccable standards.

Outside of work, Yura enjoys reading sci-fi books, playing guitar, listening to music, playing and watching sports.
Nil Buan

Nil Buan

Filmmaker /Videographer

Visual creation comes naturally to Nil, who was gripped by his passion for filmmaking at a young age. Having worked in multitudinous settings from independent video production companies to major networks such as ABC and CNN, Nil delivers cinematic, high-craft media with an unmatched focus and creativity.

At AdMen, Nil knows that every business has a story to tell, and he makes it his mission to expand our clients’ brands through authentic, compelling storytelling and visual content.
Liz Slyman

Liz Slyman

Senior Copywriter

With over a decade of copywriting experience and seven years as the VP of Marketing for an artist management firm, Liz combines the nuances of both language and marketing psychology to create actionable messaging for our clients.

When done correctly (and with intention) writing copy and content is a complex, multi-tiered process. Liz writes copy that is cognition-powered and results-driven with the objective of resonating with an audience and boosting conversions.

At AdMen, Liz works in tandem with developers and designers to tackle intricate projects that garner game-changing results, and she is constantly excited to be part of such a magnetic and passionate team.

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Our Goal is Growth

Our Goal is Growth

Better strategy, better results

When you invest in your business, you need a partner you can trust to grow your business in ways that see both immediate and long-term results. Since our inception, ADMEN has so far generated 100,000+ reviews, 100,000+ new customers, and more than half-billion in sales (and counting!) for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Honest, Honorable, Trustworthy

Honest, Honorable, Trustworthy

We love our clients!

You work hard. You deserve a dedicated team of professionals who will be with you from ideation to implementation. Our experienced team of marketers, developers, designers, and copywriters will make sure to deliver an exceptional experience.

Aligned Fee Structure

Aligned Fee Structure

Our success is measured by the success of our clients

Client-first approach means a fee structure meant to align with your business goals. Working with AdMen means we design campaigns based on your budget that will generate the most ROI.

Medical Practices Experience

Medical Practices Experience

Get expert answers, not amateur opinions

Since 2004 ADMEN has developed thousands of websites and campaigns with numerous dental practices worldwide. We know your industry and what you need to grow."

We’ve had the privilege of working with the following brands (among others) over our 18 year history.

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affinity dental
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Houston Ortho
queen street dental
Good times
devon dental
Hope & Wellness
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