How to Identify the Type of Data Reporting Your Business Need

Analytics play a key role in the success of your digital marketing. Is it essential to regularly review your data and analytics to tweak strategies, fix weak spots in your marketing, or identify areas of improvement. What type of analytics your business needs largely depends on the overall goals of your business.

Whether you need in-depth analytics of local traffic or information on the most and least popular area of your website, our digital strategies include comprehensive reporting that allow you to measure your results and see your ROI in action.

What You Can Expect from Admen Data, Reporting and Analytics

  • Laser focused marketing strategies for your business
  • Identification of areas that need improvement
  • Online traffic analytics
  • Measurable success
  • Pinpointed demographics and psychographics
  • Opportunities for website optimizatio
Conversion Rate Optimization Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is an exceptionally effective technique designed to measure website performance and leverage those insights to improve conversions. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) works to transform traffic into leads.

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Call Tracking Call Tracking

Proper call tracking allows your business to make more informed marketing decisions. If the success of your business relies on lead generation via phone calls, our call tracking system can assist you in tracing the source of your business phone calls and measure your campaign success.

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Data Visualization & Custom Reports Data Visualization & Custom Reports

For our clients who require advanced monthly reporting surrounding the suess of their business website, we offer several custom reporting packages. Our advanced reports provide our clients with highly detailed data each month.

Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis

Part of executing an effective digital strategy is an in-depth analysis of how your business measures up to its competitors. With a comprehensive competitive analysis, we are able to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for growth within your business.

Target Audience Development Target Audience Development

For marketing strategies to be effective, they must be built around an in-depth understanding of your customers. Target audience development is a crucial step in both digital and traditional marketing; our team launches discovery strategies to identify who your customers are, where they are, and what they want.

Google Analytics consulting Google Analytics consulting

While insightful, Google Analytics can be somewhat tedious to use. Our team of Google Analytics experts can show you how to interpret pertinent data or provide focused insights that allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing.

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Web Consulting and Training Web Consulting and Training

If you’re interested in learning how to improve site performance and increase revenue, an Admen web marketing consultant can provide you with immediately actionable industry knowledge, insider tips, and answer your most urgent questions.

Google Penalty Audit Google Penalty Audit

If your website has disappeared from search results entirely or you’ve seen a significant drop in your rankings, you may have been subjected to a Google Penalty. Our team can complete a Google Penalty Audit to identify problem areas and help you recover more quickly.

Website UX Analysis and Report Website UX Analysis and Report

User experience is one of the most important aspects of your website. A positive user experience (UX) means more satisfied website visitors, more leads, and in turn, more revenue. The team at Admen can provide your business with a comprehensive UX analysis report so that you can identify any areas of improvement.

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Make sense of your data, get more from your website with Admen

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Our Process

Our Laser-Focused Approach to Your Business Needs

reporting process
  • Strategy

    A clear strategy details your goals for your website, key performance indicators (KPI), and how those integrate with your overall business plan. We conceptualize cohesive strategies with measurable, trackable results.

  • Audit & Analysis

    Effective campaigns involve pinpointing what you need to track, and how to track it. At Admen, we perform a comprehensive analysis to discover any possible gaps across your platform, meaning what data you’re not tracking and which of your current platforms is capable of tracking it.

  • Execution

    Our analytics consultants are certified and proficient in powerful analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe. Our team is able to handle advanced analytical tasks such as cross-platform tracking and enhanced ecommerce installations.

  • Custom Reporting

    We source data from all of your platform and present the information to you via the powerful visualizations of Google Data Studio. These customized reports allow you to quickly understand your marketing ROI.

Tecnologies We Use:

google cloud

Ask us anything

What does Admen’s website call tracking service include?

Our call tracking service includes:

  • Phone number integration with Google Analytics to provide real, actionable insights and data
  • Setup, testing, and troubleshooting of phone numbers for online and offline marketing channels
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting and logs of all phone call data, including geographic locations and phone numbers of incoming callers.

How does call tracking software work?

With our web-based call tracking solutions, businesses that have several phone numbers or use call routing are now able to accurately determine the number of calls generated by your website.

With our proprietary call tracking system, we empower your business by providing you with the tools to not only track the source of your calls but the information you need to focus on specific sales leads. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to serve you real, actionable data.

In addition to harnessing the power of Google Analytics, our call tracking solution is integrated with our marketing automation suite that provides you with insights to visitor behavior throughout the entirety of the marketing funnel. Your call tracking data is available through both our web-based interface or through our mobile app.

What is included in Admen’s custom reporting?

What you can expect from our custom reporting:

  • Traffic reports by specific marketing channels (including organic search traffic, PPC, and social media, respectively)
  • The creation of custom goals, events, and dashboards within Google Analytics for advanced monthly reporting
  • Advanced comprehensive reporting on call tracking, cost-per-lead, eCommerce, lead attribution, companies visiting your website, and more.

If you are a current Admen client and you want a more in-depth report beyond what is offered as part of your SEO plan, you can now order advanced reports for an additional fee.

What are the advantages of custom reports?

With custom reporting, larger businesses with multiple marketing channels are able to identify successful marketing campaigns, set specific monthly goals, and meticulously track ROI. Our in-depth reports detail the amount of money your business is spending to generate new leads, as well as track the progress of potential leads at different stages of the marketing funnel.

How does target development and persona creation work?

The most important aspect of any marketing strategy is understanding who you are marketing to. Campaigns must speak directly to the needs of a laser-focused audience to generate qualified leads.

If you haven’t conducted an in-depth market discovery, the chances are high that you are spending money on the wrong content for the wrong target.

At Admen, we successfully determine who your target market is and how, precisely, to market to them.

What is marketing segmentation?

The practice of market segmentation involves separating a broad target market into subsets. These subgroups of your larger audience have several commonalities, including demographics and psychographics.

By segmenting your audience, your business can create highly customized campaigns designed to cater to their specific needs. Different use types yield different results; segmentation reveals how these individual populations behave.