Managing an Ecommerce Business Online

Current projections estimate that the number of online shoppers have reached 2 billion, with that figure expected to steadily increase in the next few years. Companies have the potential to reach a mass influx of buyers, but they must be prepared to compete for them.

Each company is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for increasing qualified site traffic and improving your online revenue. Discover how much your business can grow when you partner with Admen. We provide:

  • Custom e-commerce solutions that address your firm’s current strengths and challenges
  • Scalable and cost-effective strategies aligned with your objectives
  • Optimized website design and custom software development that fit your budget
  • Customized e-commerce tool design and implementation, including Magento and shopping cart feeds

Get Ready for Impressive Results

  • Improved SEO from optimized content
  • Increased website traffic
  • Sales growth across all devices
  • Boosted brand recognition
  • Enhanced user experience
  • More engagement
  • Seamless checkout process
  • Stronger consumer trust and loyalty
  • A stunning first impression for new visitors
  • Competitive advantage
E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce Website

Your e-commerce website should function in a way that optimizes the user experience while also permitting your business to easily take control of the backend.

Visitors need to be wowed from the moment they land on your site. Once there, they’ll look for features that make it easy to navigate for products, fast loading speeds, a straightforward and secure transaction process, the ability to track their orders, and screens that are mobile friendly. From your perspective, you want to be able to upsell your customers with suggestions for related items, control over store and order management, better order tracking, and a way to easily customize summary information on your dashboard.

ADMEN’s website design and development team can build functionality into your site based on your company’s objectives. Let us know what you need and we can devise a custom solution for your business.

Website & Development
E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO

SEO is vital for driving visitors to any kind of website. But e-commerce sites are prone to unique challenges - specifically when it comes to technical SEO and link-building. ADMEN understands how to address SEO for e-commerce and our experts are skilled at:

  • Conducting research to determine primary and long-tail keywords
  • Optimizing product pages, category pages, descriptions, tags, meta titles, headings, and URLs
  • Boosting conversions by identifying issues with the shopping cart process

E-commerce site optimization is a complex process. ADMEN has the knowledge and experience to dramatically increase both qualified traffic and sales.

E-Commerce SEO
Shopping Feed Management

Shopping Feed Management

Optimizing each product offering is crucial to the success of e-commerce businesses. But keeping track of changes to product descriptions is an arduous process. It’s essential that all of your product listings be kept up-to-date and that you manage every platform where your products are sold.

If you’re selling your products on comparison shopping channels and marketplaces like Facebook - and there’s quite a lot of evidence that says you should - ADMEN can seamlessly manage the details that can help your brand secure more shoppers.

E-Commerce Copywriting

E-Commerce Copywriting

ADMEN’s talented writers first research the best ways to “talk” to your target audience. After they learn what appeals to your target customers, they can communicate simply and persuasively while integrating your most important keywords into the copy.

Effective ecommerce copywriting can bring your brand’s personality to life on your product pages, give prospective customers the information that’s most useful for them, position your company apart from your competition, allow you to rank higher on search engines, and result in improved sales conversions.

Branding Copywriting

Case Studies

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PlanB: Designing an online academy and e-commerce website for a global store of endodontic products

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The global e-commerce secures revenue and drives conversions

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Why do e-commerce websites need SEO?

Whether you have only a few product listings or your company offers thousands, you’re faced with tough competition from other manufacturers who are trying to persuade your target customers to buy from them. And since most consumers will search the internet when they’re trying to make a purchase decision, your company needs SEO to rank near the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Consumers trust that the results that show up on the first page of SERPS are the ones that are most relevant to them and credible. Most people will not even scroll past the first page of results. Without an effective SEO strategy, your products may get lost in the mix, your site traffic will suffer, and your sales results will be weakened.

What is ADMEN’s e-commerce pricing strategy?

We determine pricing tiers based on the size and needs of your e-commerce store. But all of our SEO packages are designed to:

  • Determine relevant keywords
  • Create quality content that’s valuable for your target audience
  • Fix technical SEO issues
  • Improve your ranking on SERPs

Each e-commerce business is unique. We value your input so that we can create a custom plan that will be best suited to your company and industry.

What is coupon management?

Online coupons clearly deliver an incentive for consumers to shop at your store. These days, shoppers are not only motivated by savings, they practically demand it. By using a coupon management strategy and relying on software to track results, you can discover which types of coupon works best for your target customers and use that information for future campaigns.

A coupon management system can:

  • Help you understand your customers’ path to making a purchase
  • Provide data on coupon metrics (keywords, discount type, message, channel, device, location, redemption rate) to determine which factors are most effective. Tracked results also allow you to better personalize offers.
  • Help reduce or alleviate coupon fraud

ADMEN offers industry-leading online coupon management along with shopping feed and product feed management. Our experienced staff will oversee these programs and deliver easy-to-understand reporting that will help you to exert more control over an increasingly complicated and chaotic online shopping environment.