Why Are Pay-Per-Click Ads Important?

Google Adwords has quite a steep learning curve for even the most strategic of marketers. Without the help of trained professionals, it can feel impossible to know how to best capitalize on the targeting opportunities that PPC ads can bring businesses.

Luckily, our team at Admen has years of experience on the platform to ensure that your PPC strategy is in place to make your account as optimized and profitable as possible. PPC ads are important for improving your brand awareness and delivering strategic, efficient, and guaranteed results when managed by us.

PPC advertising allows your business to appear in the most visible and relevant internet spaces.

PPC ads are an essential piece of a well-rounded marketing puzzle, and pair well with any existing SEO strategy. Since PPC ads dominate the ranks of search engines and other top positions, they work wonders for improving your site traffic fast.

When done right, PPC saves you money in the long run.

Though it sounds counterintuitive, purchasing ads save you money over time and generally brings in a solid ROI. While there are upfront costs associated with the ad, the sheer amount of targeted traffic ready to make a purchase as a result of them cannot be replicated by other methods. Our team understands the delicate process behind pinpointing low-volume keywords to stay as cost-effective as possible.

PPC ads are accountable.

The beauty of PPC ads is that their price is fixed. That is, you always know exactly how much will be paid per website click. This setup allows you to stick to your allocated marketing budget with ease. Plus, our team is committed to staying true to the spending limit you bring to us each and every time.

We Maximize ROI In One Of Three Ways:
  • Copywriting. Words are powerful tools for connecting with your audiences and instilling trust. Because of this, we understand the importance of crafting quality written ads with clarity and focus. Plus, good copywriting is much more likely to perform well with the algorithms on Google.
  • Budget Management. Keeping your campaign budget-friendly and profitable is always our top priority. We always calculate your average order value, gross margin, and cost per acquisition when deciding upon the best bidding prices for your PPC ads.
  • A/B Testing. One word or phrase can make or break the success of a PPC ad. In order to have the best results, wording, and structure possible, we constantly test multiple ad performances and adjust and rewrite them accordingly.

What PPC Results You Can Count On?

  • Improved consumer engagement
  • Demographic, geographic, and device-based targeting
  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Increased page rank
  • Simplified conversions
  • Measurable campaign results
  • Expanded reach
  • Record-breaking results
  • Power and visibility in your industry
Google Ads (Adwords) Google Ads (Adwords)

With millions of brands competing for organic reach on Google, investing in PPC is a surefire way to get noticed against the crowded landscape. Google’s wide audience reach and advanced targeting and analytic capabilities make it one of the most relevant platforms for PPC ads.

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Retargeting Ads Retargeting Ads

You’ve already accomplished the hard task of grabbing a consumer’s attention, so why not focus your energy on reminding them of the benefits of your business? In general, remarketing ads are crucial for keeping your brand’s positive image at the top of the busy consumer’s minds.

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Facebook Ads Facebook Ads

There is immense power in using social media for connecting and engaging with consumers in a natural way. With the data capabilities to target the most niche of consumers paired with a strong grasp on metrics and analytics, Facebook is one of the smartest social media platforms to advertise on.

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Bing Ads Bing Ads

While Google might take the cake for the most commonly sought out search engine, you are missing an important chunk of your target audience if you neglect to use Bing. Overall, Bing ads are usually cheaper to invest in with less competition to worry about than its Google counterpart, making it a viable space for allocating advertising dollars.

Display Ads Display Ads

Display ads are the eye-catching visual ads shown at the top of side of websites across the internet. We are pros at designing display ads that are visually appealing and targeted. Our ads consistently communicate a clear call-to-action to motivate more traffic and sales to your business.

Mobile Ads Mobile Ads

The rise of smartphone usage has forever impacted the way audiences view digital advertisements, as more and more users scour the internet from their phones. Because of this, we ensure that your PPC advertisements are just as readable and optimized for mobile devices as they are for desktops.

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What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing, short for pay-per-click advertising, is a widely regarded marketing tactic in which business’s purchase a high ranking slot on search engine result pages and other prime internet locations. As the name might suggest, your business has to pay a small fee each time a consumer clicks on your advertisement in exchange for such an optimal ad location. In order to maintain a high positioning, businesses bid on the most relevant keywords for their target audiences.

Why should I choose PPC?

Pay-per-click ads are one of the most effective strategies for reaching highly targeted audiences and gaining web traffic quickly. Since you immediately secure a highly visible ad placement, it is inevitable that you will save some of the time and energy that building solely an organic audience necessitates.

Furthermore, PPC positions you ahead of the competition in results pages to aid you in reaching a new segment of the marketplace not previously familiar with your business. With these benefits in mind, it is clear that PPC ads are a meaningful investment for businesses of all industries and sizes.

Where do my PPC Ads appear?

The placement of your ads is dependent on the platform you choose to position your ads on. When it comes to PPC ads on the ever-popular GoogleAdwords system, a business’s strategic keyword bidding is the golden ticket to a higher-performing ad that ranks at the top of search engines. Though it can be difficult to understand the process of PPC keywords, our team is with you every step of the way to assist you in navigating the tricky system.

Who will see my PPC Ads?

PPC ads work only when they are strategically created to be placed in front of the audiences that are most likely to engage with your business. We understand the many unique targeting tactics necessary for reaching your ideal consumers and audiences based on location, device, demographics, and more.

How is PPC management pricing determined?

Here at Admen, we have the tools to serve the needs of a diverse set of businesses with varying sizes and budgets. Our two PPC packages are priced based on your ad budget and the number of included services. However, if neither package seems satisfactory, we have a plethora of add-on services to cater our approach to your unique needs.

What if I am not sure which PPC works best for me?

Our team of capable marketing professionals knows the ins and outs of PPC strategy and works with you to develop the best campaign for your budget, goals, and target audience.

What PPC Tools Are Included With Our Plans?

A lot. We make our PPC plans with the intent of supporting you through all stages of the PPC campaign journey. From research to copywriting to ad monitoring to everything in between, we implement a variety of PPC tools to ensure a well-rounded campaign strategy is accomplished.

How does Admen determine web design cost?

Neither websites nor their design costs are one-size-fits-all. Pricing is based on the features and functionalities you need for your specific project. See information on our packages for base quotes and contact us for more complete information.

What does Admen include in web design cost?

Our cost is based on the expert analysis of each and every aspect of your website. Our websites are designed with conversion in mind, meaning strategic placement for the best possible success rate. From color and layout to interactive elements, every component of your website is designed with precision.

What about user experience design?

At Admen, user experience is of the highest importance. Designing with UX in mind enhances the visitor experience by improving usability and ease of access. We work tirelessly to ensure the best possible user experience to capture your leads as efficiently as possible.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing is so much more than solely posting content for an intended audience. It takes multiple steps, time, energy, and diverse expertise to accomplish a successful content marketing campaign. As a whole, content marketing truly works when our specialists focus on each and every step of the process, not just the content creation portion. This includes link building, search engine optimization, research, outreach, and so much more.