Why is SEO Important for Your Business?

90% of search inquiries result in the user clicking on results from the first page of search results. If your website isn’t visible on search, simply put, you’re losing traffic to your competition. Implementing a solid SEO strategy can position your website ahead of your competitors, creating opportunities for more leads and conversion.

SEO is not a one-time purchase; SEO is an investment in the long-term success of your business. Reaching and maintaining your goal rankings result in a positive impact on your business in terms of perceived value and sales.

An Effective SEO Strategy
  • Places your website ahead of your competitors
  • Leads to a dramatic increase in traffic
  • Increases potential for search queries to become conversions

What Results Can You Expect From SEO with Admen?

  • Improvement in brand positioning and recognition
  • Accelerated ROI
  • Boost in search engine rankings
  • Increased web traffic
  • An increase in referrals
  • Enhanced local profile and awareness
  • Better user experience
  • Trackable results
  • Measurable increase in sales
Free SEO Audit Free SEO Audit

Are you experiencing difficulties getting your website to rank for your target keywords, and can’t quite pinpoint why? Our team of optimization experts will conduct a full SEO audit and create an actionable and efficient strategy to maximize your online visibility and traffic.

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Local SEO Local SEO

If you operate a business in select geographic areas or have a brick and mortar location, dominating local search results is imperative. Businesses that earn a space within the Google Local 3-Pack see significant web traffic, making local SEO necessary for success.

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Enterprise SEO Enterprise SEO

Is your business prepared to expand into fiercely competitive search territory? For companies that already rank well for a number of keywords but are ready to take on a challenge, we offer enterprise packages to help your business expand into new markets.

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Google Penalty Audit Google Penalty Audit

A Google Penalty can cause your website rankings to suffer, and in turn, your web traffic and business as a whole. Our team conducts comprehensive Google Penalty Audits and constructs a plan to rectify any issues affecting your website.

E-commerce SEO E-commerce SEO

Online-based businesses depend heavily on web traffic in order to thrive. If you aren’t visible on search engines, your efforts can fall flat. We create comprehensive SEO plans that drive traffic to your e-commerce store and help attract interested customers.

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Citation Building Citation Building

A key factor in local search results is a quality citation profile. In fact, experts agree that citations account for up to 25% of ranking factors! We at Admen have been building pristine citation profiles since 2011 that can boost your local SEO.

Case Studies

Ascent Visit Website

From 13 to 45 new patients per month after working with Admen

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SSWhite Visit Website

Retirement planning? How to boost dental practice numbers before selling & retiring.

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What Factors Attribute to a Higher Search Engine Ranking?


The number one objective a search engine has always been to provide the most relevant content to its users. When you partner with Admen, we craft SEO strategies that involve creating content relevant to high-converting search queries in your industry.


How visible your brand is has a direct impact on the quantity and quality of your web traffic. Effective, white-hat SEO techniques boost search engine rankings and place your website in front of potential customers.


It takes precision, research, knowledge, and impeccable writing skills to create content that Google and other search engines consider authoritative content. Because search engines only want to deliver the most reliable and relevant content to users, it is essential that your SEO content be written in a way that positions your business as an industry leader.



Do I really need SEO? Why should I be concerned about my rankings?

If you want your website to compete in today’s digitally dominated marketplace, you need SEO. The internet has made it so that anyone has the opportunity to compete; if your business is not implementing an SEO strategy, you will most likely see a decline in web traffic and in business overall.

So, I really need SEO? What if my business is performing well already?

Even if your business is performing well right now, that doesn’t mean that your competitors aren’t implementing their own digital strategies that will result in more traffic and higher visibility than yours. To remain competitive and maintain your business, search engine optimization is paramount.

What will SEO do for my healthcare practice?

The healthcare field is a competitive industry. A practice that invests in high-quality healthcare SEO from Admen sees increased brand awareness, conversions, and longevity. SEO can position your practice as a staple in your community.

What is best for my business: local, national, or international SEO?

What type of SEO strategy your business needs depends on several factors. If you operate a location-based business, local SEO will be your best bet. If you offer a product or service on the national or international level, accompanying SEO strategies will result in better rankings and business visibility.

Wait, you have to pay search engines to get on the first page of Google?

No. You actually can’t pay search engines for placement. Google and other search engines aim to provide the most relevant and reputable content to their users. What you pay for when you invest in search engine optimization is the tools, content, and skill that it takes for Google to recognize your business as such.

Can’t we just place a lot of repetitive keywords on our website?

The practice of placing repetitive keywords or phrases within your content is called ‘keyword stuffing.’ This unscrupulous practice is ineffective and can result in Google penalties, causing your website to be blacklisted from the search engine.

How long does it take medical search engine optimization to work?

There is no set time it takes for medical search engine optimization to work. The speed of SEO results depends on several factors, such as the competitiveness of your keywords and various technical components that could be affecting your website. It is important to note that if a company promises you specific results in a specific timeframe, they are likely engaging in black-hat practices that could land you in trouble with search engines.

How important are reviews for my medical practice?

Healthcare is something that the majority of people take seriously. Reviews act as a digital word of mouth, and can positively or negatively impact your business. With Admen, we offer several strategies that lead to authentic positive reviews of your medical practice.

How are Google Ads for Healthcare different from any other campaign?

Depending on the scope of your practice, Google has several regulations with which an agency running the ads must comply. All healthcare-related ads must follow local and federal laws in regards to advertising.

Do I really need fresh content (such as blog posts) to rank higher on Google?

New, fresh content signals to Google that your website is current, operational, and relevant to users. Having regular blog posts and other authoritative content is key if you want your website to maintain high rankings.

What is the average cost of SEO in 2021?

Agencies, on average, charge $1461.15 for a monthly retainer for SEO services while consultants charge an average of $887.50. Hourly, agencies charge $203.08 per hour, with individual consultants charging an average of 138.25. On Credo, the median amount is $150 per hour.