Why Partner with Admen?

Our clients choose Admen when they want to achieve the goals they have set for their practice. With a track record of success in the dental and medical industries, our in-depth understanding of the nuances of the industry are the foundation for successful digital strategies.

Our marketing methods have been proven to activate new audiences, acquire new patients, generate revenue, maintain existing patient relationships, and generate authentic referrals. Since 2004, we have built and strategized digital marketing campaigns for 1000+ dental and medical practices around the country. Our success is proven by the longevity of the practices we have served.

Let us show you why choosing Admen makes all the difference in scaling your business.

Results Your Practice Can be Proud Of

  • Demonstrated social proof
  • Higher rankings in local search results
  • Growth in online visibility
  • Decreased customer support costs
  • Measurable referral rate
  • Increase in conversion rates
  • Improved client retention
  • New patient acquisition
  • Expanded brand awareness
  • Trackable, visible results!
SEO for Dental & Healthcare

SEO for Dental & Healthcare

Online visibility has a direct correlation with the success of your practice. With staggering numbers of consumers using search engines to find dental and medical services, it is essential that your practice is positioned where potential patients can find you. Our healthcare SEO specialists use white-hat only, proven techniques to ensure that your practice achieves the highest possible rankings for your target keywords.

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Social Media & Paid Ads

Social Media & Paid Ads

An effective, scalable, and cost-efficient method of advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) ads help generate near-instantaneous leads and new patients for your practice. When deployed in conjunction with an organic SEO strategy, your internet presence and online visibility skyrocket, increasing brand awareness and expansion.

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Reviews & Testemonials

Reviews & Testimonials

Our strategies help generate authentic, positive reviews from your patients. An increase in five-star patient reviews establishes a positive conversation about your practice within your community, positioning your practice as a trustworthy and reputable healthcare provider.

Reputation Management
Medical Websites

Medical Websites

Your practice’s website must mirror the professionalism and savviness in modern medical technologies. Websites designed by Admen are created with the objective of acquiring new patients, effectively growing your practice, and establishing your credibility within your region.

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Referrals from Existing Patients

Referrals from Existing Patients

Patients want to place their health and wellness in the hands of only the most qualified providers. Word-of-mouth is highly powerful, and our marketing strategies ensure that your satisfied patients share their positive first-hand experiences with their peers, helping you earn new patients.

Video Marketing for the Healthcare Professionals

Video Marketing for the Healthcare Professionals

The use of videos within advertising have exploded in popularity. From short clips designed for social media channels to longer, more informational videos for websites and video platforms, our team creates video marketing campaigns that engage your audience. Our video marketing campaigns feature real people and real stories, maintaining authenticity in your brand.

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Ask us anything

What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing is a highly specialized sector of marketing with a focus on dental, medical, and wellness. Healthcare marketing encompasses every business relating to physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing.

Why should I choose a marketing agency with healthcare experience?

Working with a marketing agency that already has in-depth knowledge of your field reduces the time it takes to get your marketing strategies started. A healthcare marketing agency doesn’t have to research your industry, meaning your campaigns are more effective, more quickly.

What is your experience with web marketing and web design for healthcare professionals?

Our team has been serving the healthcare industry since 2004. We have helped 1000+ healthcare businesses position themselves as authorities in the healthcare industry.

What goes into an effective healthcare marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is never one-size-fits-all. At Admen, we custom-tailor your marketing strategies depending on your opportunities for growth and revenue goals. An effective marketing strategy involves looking at your business holistically and creating connections between the results you want to achieve and the steps it will take to get there.

What problems will marketing help us solve?

Marketing solves issues with online visibility, patient retention, reputation management, business longevity, and revenue.

How is a marketing budget established?

Your marketing budget will depend solely on your goals, what it takes to reach them, and how quickly you want to get there. Some practices spend a few hundred dollars on marketing per month while others spend in the thousands. A marketing budget is unique to each practice.

How can I measure my ROI?

With Admen, all of your results are trackable, meaning that your practice can measure the returns on your investment quickly and easily.