Pediatric Dental Practice Receives Over 387% Increases in Website Sessions, Patient Form Submissions, and Phone Calls in Only 9 Months Working with Admen and Rebrands Practice

Pediatric Dentistry of SA

Word-of-mouth referrals can go a long way toward helping a dental practice gain patients. But without marketing and a sole reliance on referrals, a dental practice can miss out on a wealth of clients.

The team at Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio had just this issue. With minimal resources to devote to brand awareness and exposure, minimal web presence on Google, and low website traffic, the practice had no way of attracting new clients to keep the practice thriving. In addition, Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio had no analytics or tracking process, offering little insight into the existing traffic.

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Without an online presence and a functional, well-designed website, Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio had few options to reach its acquisition and brand awareness goals. With a marketing strategy from Admen, the practice hoped to increase website traffic using digital marketing efforts, create awareness of different dental procedures offered at the practice, increase referrals, boost patient flow, and rebrand the practice as an expert in the San Antonio area.


At Admen, we started with a different approach than normal, or our quick homepage remodel. In this case, we needed to replace rather than repair the website. We built a custom website that would serve as the foundation of our marketing efforts with a new look, feel, and ultimately, a more patient friendly and approachable online image.

In addition, we created PPC and paid social ads to boost traffic and promote brand awareness for Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio. We also produced content to improve the practice's search ranking and generate more organic traffic for the new custom website. 

We created an SEO strategy to gain an edge in the market for full-arch cases. The Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio website has since increased its website visitors since it began with Admen. With SEO, the practice ranks on the first page for services like mouth guards, composite fillings, and tooth extractions. Now, the opportunity exists for Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio to solidify its standing as a premier brand for pediatric dentistry in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Another important aspect is social media, which was used to bring attention to the practice and attract patients in the local area. With organic content, we informed the audience of procedures things that were important to the locals as well as the Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio team and gave prospective patients a chance to appreciate the atmosphere of the practice. Boosting posts allowed us to increase visibility and promote the level of care and compassion of the practice and its team.


With the changes implemented by Admen, Pediatric Dentistry of San Antonio saw a 387% increase in website traffic, a 100% increase in phone traffic, and a 50% increase in social media reach and awareness. The practice also jumped from several pages back in the search results to the first page.

In addition, the site saw an increase of 529 sessions since before our changes, and the calls to the practice increased from 12 calls per month to 120 calls per month.

social media reach


increase in phone traffic


New Calls/mo


Website Visitors/mo


“I have known Shawn for over 5 years now and have been a client of Ad Men for a little over 2 years. I am more than pleased with the service that both he and Cody give me. They are very professional, take my opinions into their data analysis and have exceeded all my expectations! Thanks guys!”

Dr. Derrick Cantu

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